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Sofmos Calendar really missed the mark interface-wise. While this program seems easy enough to use, it’s actually quite complicated. Sofmos Calendar doesn’t come with any kind of tutorial or wizard, and the lack of these essential tools only adds to the overall confusion. For these reasons, this program’s interface gains a very low rating.


Programs that don’t come with a user-friendly interface are often difficult to use all around. Sofmos Calendar is really no exception to this rule. While the paid version of this program is somewhat more user-friendly, the free version of this program doesn’t leave any room for users to add details or information to calendar dates.

Main Function

If you’re looking for a highly customizable calendar program, Sofmos may not be the right choice for you. Even though this program allows some customization options, basic calendar options like choosing a photo background are almost non-existent. After playing around with this calendar program for awhile, users will be able to enter calendar information, though creating a calendar should be a lot easier.

Extra Features

Aside from the poor interface, the main problem with Sofmos Calendar is that this program doesn’t have a lot of extra features. Basic functions such as entering daily, monthly, and yearly information are what users will find.


While there is a free trial option of this program available, it is not recommended that users download this free trial (severely limited and somewhat useless). Even though Sofmos Calendar is available for just $20, there are better, more modern, calendar programs available.

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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